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Kenwood TS-930S repair

Dave Leeson W6NL/HC8L has written up a detailed discription of repairs and modifactions that he has done to incresase the reliability of the TS-930S radios that he uses in HC8. Download the W6NL TS-930 mods.

Tom Hammond NØSS. sent me these two documents. They describe fixes for the TS-930 digital board.

  • This is a Word for Windows document that contains a list of the plated through holes on the PC board and common sympton that is related to each hole. This document also contains a graphic showing each hole location on the PC board. This version is the has a very high quality graphic of the PC board.
    TS-930 Download the MS Word document 1400 k size.
    Download a PDF version of the above file. 400 k size.
  • This is a Kenwood service bulletin that also addresses this problem. It contains bitmap graphics files of the PC board.
    Download the TS-930 service bulletin. 180 k size.

Piexx makes a replacement for the digital board that adds computer control and many useful features to the TS-930.

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